Yunnan Teng Chemical Co. Ltd.

TengKe Chemicals (Yunnan) Co. Ltd. is specialized in inorganic fluoride, aluminum compound production and marketing enterprises,
The company mainly soda ash by sodium fluoride and the like from the reaction process, the fluorine acid processed into silicon potassium fluoride, fluorine silicate, sodium fluoride and other fluorine chemical products for the fluorine materials, aluminum and construction field and chemical industries.
Key products include: calcium fluoride (fluorite), sodium fluoride, sodium fluoride, sodium aluminum fluoride (cryolite), aluminum fluoride, ammonium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, fluorine silicon, potassium, fluorine potassium borate, magnesium fluorosilicate, ammonium fluorosilicate, ammonium bifluoride, fluoro potassium titanate, alumina, aluminum hydroxide ect.

The company is committed to doing  fluorine materials, aluminum production, Sales and market development as well as integration, we uphold the concept of "integrity" and "win-win" ,
To Upgrade process,ensure efficiency, self-discipline to follow the norm, innovation,make progress while maintaining stability,
Trying to train and build a professional technical team, and provide the best quality service for the industry and customers
The company would like to heartfelt thanks to inorganic fluoride, aluminum industry, metallurgy and other industry partners to support and trust over the years
We will always continue to create value for customers
Win-win cooperation, to create a new benchmark in Yunnan fluoride industry.