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Prices will rise continuously in the future, the rapid growth of consumption of fluorite

Time:2014-09-04 16:09
Fluorite consumption grew faster than output growth

      Because of fluorite resource scarcity worldwide, recoverable reserves are limited, coupled with the countries for the protection of fluorite resources, limited mining, resulting in smaller fluorite output grew at an average annual rate, annual growth has been around 5%. In 2013 the global fluorite output was 6600000 tons, down 3.65% compared with 2012; among them, Chinese is the world's largest producer of fluorite, fluorite output was 4000000 tons in 2013, the global total fluorite production 60%

      According to published prospective industry research institute "prediction China fluorine chemical industry market demand 2014-2018 and strategic planning investment analysis report" data show, American, Western Europe and Japan are fluorite consumption area, in 2006 they consumed 2200000 tons of fluorite, fluorite half of the total consumption of the world. As shown in the diagram below, along with the increase of downstream demand, the global market in fluorite.

Chart 1:2004-2013 global fluorite supply and consumption situation (unit: million tons)

Future fluorite price forecast

1. the global market price trend

      From the global market, with the increase of downstream demand, fluorite in short supply situation, China's leading international fluorite fluorite export price. With the rapid development of metallurgy, building materials, fluorine chemical industry, especially the rapid development of fluorine fine chemical industry, the downstream demand growth far exceeded the fluorite supply growth, coupled with the global trade in an important position of fluorite Chinese began to implement the export restriction policy, led to tight supply of global fluorite, fluorite prices have climbed all the way.

2.China's Fluorite price trend

      China began to implement a licensing system, export quotas on Fluorite from 1999 in recent years, the Chinese government for the protection of fluorite resources more attention, is taking measures to protect the. Since 2010, the Fluorite Mining policy frequently issued, when the government began to implement the total mining is the management of fluorite ore. In 2011 the fluorite ore mining gross index fell 4.5% compared with 2010, the control index of total fluorite ore mining 10500000 tons (ore), further policy tightening. According to the policy trend, the future supply will reduce the fluorite.

      On the other hand, in fluorite resource shortage situation, fluorine chemical enterprises have the strength and technology has the intention to have the resources of the provinces to invest in the construction of fluorite downstream industry, which is in line with the local government to local digestion of fluorite resources. If some large fluorine chemical enterprises to local fluorite fluorite resources quota, the province the amount of consumption will gradually reduced, the market of fluorite supply gap will be more and more big future, fluorite prices trend will become more and more obvious.