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Fluorite resources are depleted, the fluorine chemical decide on what path to follow

Time:2014-09-04 16:06

our country of fluorite resources will dry

    Fluorite is also called fluorspar, chemical components as calcium fluoride (CaF2, fluorine containing 48.9%), named for a regular blue green fluorescence under ultraviolet light or cathode ray irradiation, were generally granular or blocky. According to the classification of calcium fluoride content of fluorite, fluorite can be divided into acid grade fluorspar (>97%), ceramic grade fluorite (85%-95%) and metallurgical grade fluorspar (65%-85%).

   Although the fluorite resources are rich in China but lower grade: according to America Geological Bureau of statistics data, in 2013 the global fluorite foundation reserves of 4.7 tons, recoverable reserves of 2.4 tons, China has proved Fluorite Mining 500 multiple, distributed in 27 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions), the basic reserves of up to 110000000 tons, global basic reserves accounted for 23.4%, ranking first in the world; but the recoverable reserves of only 24000000 tons, accounting for only 10% of global proportion.

    Published prospective industry research institute "prediction China fluorine chemical industry market demand 2014-2018 and strategic planning investment analysis report" analysis, in accordance with the current fluorite reserves and output in 2013 estimates, the global fluorite reserve production ratio is only 36.4, while in the 5 national reserves most, South African Reserve production ratio as high as 136.7, China reserve production ratio has fallen to 6, which means that, recoverable reserves do not increase in domestic, calculated in accordance with the production in 2013 4000000 tons a year, Chinese fluorite resources will be depleted within 6 years.

The development of high value-added industrial fluorine chemical industry is the inevitable way out

   As the fluorine chemical industry the only fluoride materials, fluorite resources so scarce, and fluorine chemical industry not only with military industry development are inseparable, more and China has determined the development of seven emerging industries are closely related, the development of nuclear power and battery power are cannot do without fluorite resources. Although the extraction of fluorine from apatite can protect the gradual reduction of the fluorite resource, is one of the ways of obtaining fluorine resources for the future, but still is an utterly inadequate measure, not from the source to solve the problem, the development of senior fluorine-containing fine chemicals is an inevitable way for domestic fluorine chemical industry.

1).Further development will be the best choice

   From the fluorine chemical industry chain, increase with the depth of product processing, the added value of the products increase geometrically. At present, the domestic for fluorine medicine and pesticide fluorinated aromatic intermediates, for fluorinated liquid crystal, three nitrogen trifluoride electronic materials, used in medicine and three boron fluoride resin and related complexes developed rapidly. But overall, the development of the domestic fine fluorine chemical products in either quantity or quality are still far from meeting the market demand.

   The domestic traditional containing fluorine intermediates such as fluorobenzene series, fluorochloroaniline series products such as excess production capacity, "three wastes" emissions from large, intense market competition, economic efficiency is poor, the need for total amount control; as fluorine surfactant fluorocarbon alcohol as key raw material, containing fluorine ion exchange resin and membrane, soda industry the key supporting materials for lithium, phosphoric acid six fluorine lithium ion battery supporting for medicine and pesticide varieties complete novel fluorinated intermediates, high export potential of six fluoride sulfur is the need to focus on the development of products.

2).Specialized the vast space
   At present our country fluorine containing fine chemicals market future is still larger. With the reduced major countries economic recovery and textile export quotas, China's high-grade textile export prospects are more optimistic, so high performance finishing agent and active fluorine-containing dyes fluoride fiber demand will also grow quickly; the rise of life engineering industry, the physiological active fluorine medicine favored; fast the development of green agriculture, the high efficiency, low residue pesticides containing fluorine growing demand.

   Therefore, should tend to specialization, serialization, differentiation and specialization development of fine chemicals industry fluorine, go fine depth development road. In the next few years, our country fluorine fine chemicals will get fast development, but along with the domestic environmental protection requirements gradually in line with international standards, is expected to develop fluorine intermediates will be flat or declined, and the depth of the follow-up product development, production, application will accelerate the development of.